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who/what we are

we are an art exhibition space in santa fe, nm, in the siler rufina nexus (SIRUN).

we curate several artist shows per year.
we take chances and move into uncharted art worlds.
we provide space for curators/artists to have shows.

hours: 12-5pm, thursday through sunday, spring and summer

3012 cielo ct santa fe nm
from cerrillos road . turn onto cielo ct between speedy shine car wash and peerless tires
or take a turn south onto calle del cielo and then the first left onto cielo ct
go to the end before the road turns left.
we are behind goodwill and across from the santa fe climbing center

e-mail us to receive our announcements
phone 505.692.9249
like us on facebook and/or instagram


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current exhibition:

Art Shape Mammoth presentsartspacemammoth logo
Rhythms of Distortion

april 1 - april 30, 2017

a three-person exhibit featuring two- and three-dimensional work by Kristi Arnold, Alex Costantino, and Aimee Hertog,
curated by Jane Gordon

open 12-5pm, thursday through sunday

  • Kristi Arnold Kristi Arnold
  • Aimee Hertog Aimee Hertog
  • Alex Costantino Alex Costantino
  • Alex Costantino Alex Costantino
  • Alex Costantino Alex Costantino
  • Alex Costantino Alex Costantino


freeform art space and Art Shape Mammoth and present Rhythms of Distortion, a three-person exhibit featuring two- and three-dimensional work by Kristi Arnold, Alex Costantino, and Aimee Hertog, curated by Jane Gordon. This exhibition presents an energetic perspective on figures and objects in space, while observing alternative approaches to emotional and psychological identity in contemporary western society. Each artist approaches their work from a distinct place, yet the vibrance of their color choices, the language of abstraction, and the strength of their voices through varying media create a visual harmony, even in occasional chaos of form.

Arnold focuses on forces in seeming opposition and the flexible definitions of “grotesque” in her paintings and works on paper. She contrasts ideas of beauty/ugliness, representation/abstraction, and order/disorder through physical distortion, contrasting colors, and the play between positive and negative space. Referencing the Rorschach test, the shapes she creates are interchangeable, shifting between two or more forms, or seemingly in a state of flux.

Costantino keeps his own physical actions and processes central in his paintings, with a consideration for a figure’s emotional identity as well as the iconography present in each image. Exploring ideas through pattern, he works in reaction to the figure’s pose, shape, and personality, accentuating visual depth or flatness, or cultural association.

Hertog uses a multitude of found-object materials to comment on the chaos of domestic life and female identity, challenging not only our contemporary notions of beauty but also traditional myths of domestic bliss. Often the work takes the form of grotesque female figures. Distended, entangled, and sometimes literally left hanging, these pieces reflect the struggle women face in constructing and guarding their identities.

These artists play with both subtle and overt abstractions of the human figure, and use elements of improvisation and constant change within their practice. They investigate repetition and multiples in form, process, and final product. Their work filters selected elements of their surrounding reality through a personal lens of active making, historical reference, and humor. This results in a dynamic exploration of form, movement, and color. The works play off of one another in a way that echos the play of each artist in their making.


upcoming events:

Jane Gordon
Fay Stanford
and Sarah Magda

Brought to you by artshape mammoth
Opening: Friday July 7th 5:30 - 8pm
to run through Thursday Aug. 3rd

The Only Way Out is Through
Cyrus McCray
Tim Reed
Jared Weiss
Todd White

Brought to you by Niomi Fawn of Curate Santa fe
Sept 28th, 2017
to run through Nov 2nd


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Lea Anderson Cavern of Curiosities

Curated by Aimee Gwynne Franklyn

July 16— August 14, 2016
Opening Reception:
Saturday July 16th, 5-8pm
art space summer hours: Friday through Sunday, 1-5pm

Can the volatile beauty of our planet contain us, or will we be extinguished by its inherent eccentricities? In Cavern of Curiosities, Albuquerque artist Lea Anderson creates living, philosophical worlds that echo the formal variations seen in natural systems. FUTUREFEELD, Anderson’s magnificent installation and the centerpiece of Cavern of Curiosities, is a whirling parallel universe, composed of hundreds of electrifying digital prints on formed acetate, with multiple inclusions of magnificently colored synthetic fibers. Anderson’s world is stirring and hypnotic, a threatening desert landscape, softened by opalescent entities, as if floating in a waking dream.

This ambivalent view of what lies ahead for us is manifested with piercing beauty. The collision of form and intent is inspiring, stunning and worrisome all at once. Cavern of Curiosities is an unabashedly unfiltered portrayal of our world and our future, in to which we are all accelerating, poorly equipped, but armed with an innate, organic and beautiful optimism.

Also included in Cavern of Curiosities, are newly commissioned three-dimensional works that expand on the concepts examined in FUTUREFEELD.


Futrefeeld detail
440 Digital prints on heat-formed acetate, synthetic leather, synthetic fur, acrylic, pigment, wire.
photo courtesy of the artist

Lea Anderson, a San Diego native, has lived and worked in the New Mexico art community for over a decade, and has been greatly influenced by the dramatic, colorful, and wild desert environment. Fluent in both two-and three-dimensional visual languages, she traverses the intersections between the natural and philosophical worlds with expertise and fluidity. Anderson’s themes are explored through individual works, full-scale ambitious mixed media installations, and solo exhibitions using a wide variety of both digital and traditional media. She has exhibited throughout New Mexico and the United States, as well as internationally in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010. A recipient of numerous awards for her artwork, she was also awarded “Albuquerque Local Treasure” in 2010. In 2013, Anderson was the Guest Curator for the exhibition Flatlanders and Surface Dwellers at 516 ARTS in Albuquerque. She most recently created MERIDIAE, a monumental installation piece for the Atrium windows of the Albuquerque Museum as their 2015 Summer Artist-in-Residence. Cavern of Curiosities is Anderson’s second solo exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Anderson received two BAs from San Diego State University in painting, printmaking, ceramics, art history and Applied Design. She was awarded her MFA from University of New Mexico Albuquerque (with Honors), in painting and drawing.

See Lea Anderson discuss her work on ¡COLORES! here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-DABKSySqg

Lea Anderson: SHADOW BOXES
Digital prints on heat-formed acetate, synthetic leather, synthetic fur, acrylic, pigment, insect pins, 2016

  • Zircon Heirloom Thorns . 9 x 12 inches
  • Tourmaline Heirloom Thorns . 9 x 12 inches
  • Sapphire Heirloom Thorns . 9 x 12 inches
  • Opal Heirloom Thorns . Diptych . 11 x 14 inches each
  • Mystic Topaz Heirloom Thorns . 8 x 10 inches
  • Beryl Heirloom Thorns . 9 x 12 inches
  • Azure Heirloom Thorns . 16 x 20 inches
  • Amber Heirloom Thorns . 9 x 12 inches


Art Shape Mammoth presentsartspacemammoth logo
Leggo My EGO : Pathoses of Contemporary Culture

curated by Amy Joy Hosterman

June 10th - July 2nd
Opening Reception:
Saturday June 11th, 5:30 - 8pm
art space hours: Thursday through Saturday, 1-5pm

Jennifer McCandless
Jennifer McCandless, "Last Ditch Effort at Assimilation: Boar"

Art Shape Mammoth and Freeform Art Space present the work of Seth Goodman, Jennifer McCandless, and Margaret Noble in Leggo My EGO : Pathoses of Contemporary Culture, a multi-sensory, satirical exploration into human relations in the context of hierarchical class structures and systems of control.

The human condition in contemporary American society is one largely plagued by apathy and arrogance, yet these artists have found a way to contemplate this struggle with grace. With vivid imagery and poignant narratives layered with humor and irony, these artists make earnest observations on unjust and domineering elements of society. They employ painting, sculpture, sound, and audience participation to produce an intriguing kaleidoscope of emotions and expressions of identity in response to the status quo of our consumer-based culture.

Seth Goodman grew up in a blue-collar town in New York, working his way to a middle-class existence as a painting professor. He uses oils on wood to depict exquisitely detailed, dream-like scenes that glimpse life for America’s suppressed and manipulated underclass. Commenting on political and religious dogmas that drive feelings of shame and fear, these evocatively corporeal scenes are both social critique and self-reflection as Goodman contemplates his place in the social class dynamic.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jennifer McCandless comments on consumer culture and the reckless annihilation of natural environments by creating naturalistic, figurative ceramic sculpture finished with glossy auto paints. Her work Last Ditch Effort at Assimilation is a sardonic series of charismatic animals in an attempt to disguise themselves as people and pop culture icons in the hope that they may appeal to humans and survive without their diminishing natural habitats.

Margaret Noble reveals a mastery of craft and sensitivity to experience through interactive sculptures that combine objects, actions, and sound. Noble lives in drought-plagued Southern California and comments on social inequity and environmental irresponsibility with I Have Arrived, a series of historic lawn sprinklers on synthetic grass, complete with recorded sounds. Her interactive piece Index of Fear is a card catalog of fears portrayed through imagery, text, and sound embedded in each card. Creating personal moments in public places, Noble’s work is designed to immerse audiences in artifacts of public hierarchies, private traumas, and conflicted identities.

Seth Goodman
Seth Goodman, "Infantile Fantasies, Adult Delusions”, oil on wood, 10x10 inches, 2011

Seth Goodman, title?
Seth Goodman

I Have Arrived
Margaret Noble, "I Have Arrived", historic sprinklers, synthetic grass, sound, 2015

Margaret Noble, "Index of Fear"

Last Ditch Effort
Jennifer McCandless, Out of the Woods: Last Ditch Effort at Assimilation, Adapt or Die Series, stoneware, 12"x8"
all images curtesy of Art Shape Mammoth
for more info about Art Space Mammoth click at the logoartspacemammoth logo




Ilse Bolle and Sally Chiu LAYERS IN TIME

an artist curated exhibition

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 7th 4-6 pm, with live music by Jerry Weimer and Mario Febres

Ilse Bolle and Sally Chiu take an abstracted view at experiences,
visions and nature in multi-layered handmade paper and encaustic constructions and oil on canvas paintings.

May 7th - May 29th

regular gallery hours: Thursdays through Sundays 1pm - 5pm


Freeform is pleased to announce that CAS (Contemporary Art Society of New Mexico)
will be making a trip to Santa Fe to tour freeform and Phil Space May 1st 2016.

CAS vivsit to Denver 20017




ART'S BIRTHDAY for the first time in santa fe, nm

Sunday, January 17, 2016, noon to 4pm

At the New Mexico Museum of Art

Thanks Santa Fe for coming out to celebrate.
Everyone, small and large, had a great time and there was enough cake for all!


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Freeform Art Space is pleased to present
"Tales from the Middle Class", the first solo show of
Jody Sunshine's work in Santa Fe, curated by Aimee Gwynne Franklyn.

Artist Reception . Friday November 6th . 5 to 8 pm
November 6 through November 28, 2015
open thursdays fridays saturdays . 12 to 4 pm

Jody Sunshine painting
^ click to see more images

image 1: Jody Sunshine . Severe Weather . mixed media sculpture . 34 x 34 x 19 inches
image 2: Jody Sunshine . White Women and Their Complaints . acrylic on panel

Jody Sunshine grew up in post-war suburban Queens. As a teenager, she
attended the High School of Music & Art – and Manhattan opened up for
her. Once she crossed that bridge, there was no turning back. Her life and
artistic vision were forever impacted by the distinctly vibrant music, art and
social milieu that was New York City in the 1950s and 60s. Her work
evolved from an early phase of abstract expressionism, maturing into a
heightened reflection on suburbia. Gone but not forgotten, her early life has
been absorbed and transmogrified into a completely unique “Sunshine
World”, populated by a cast of colorful, iconic characters of indeterminate
speciation, adrift in vivid surrealistic tableaux.
Sunshine’s biomorphic bunnies are good, evil, neutral and chaotic. They
coalesce into a mutant mouthpiece, uniquely formed to vocalize the
“garden-variety” angst, pathos and confusion that so completely pervades
our culture.
Sometimes a bunny is not just a bunny, but something closer to a phoneme
in Sunshine’s intensely evocative visual language; born of, and intent on
examining that irresistible tension between normalcy and hallucinogenic
visions of grandeur, which we call The American Dream.
From bunny penises to the bleeding souls of housewives, her pieces jolt us
repeatedly into a new appreciation of an oft clichéd period of our country’s
history. A juxtaposition of pink and cuddly with shocking gravity, her view
from the underbelly provides a perspective on the American middle class,
past and present, unlike anything seen before.

An active and inspired artist for over five decades, Jody Sunshine was born in New York
City and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She attended Boston University,
Parsons School of Design, The Brooklyn Museum School, and received her MFA from
New York University. Sunshine taught for twenty years at the LaGuardia High School of
the Arts before moving to New Mexico with her family in 1995.


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the exhibition closed on October 24th, 2015. there is a link below to all the info and images.
Some of the works are still available. Please contact us fo more information.

doublespeak and remnanats of war
^ click to see the entire exhibition

image 1: Kelly Eckel, Doublespeak from Scratched Surface Series, Pastel on Silver Gelatin Print, 21¾ x 18 inches, 2006
image 2: Kelly Eckel, Remnants of War 3, Silver Gelatin Print, 41 x 20 inches, 2007

Freeform Art Space is pleased to present Aftermath: Reactions to cataclysm and evolution,
the first solo show of Kelly Eckel’s work in Santa Fe, curated by Aimee Gwynne Franklyn.
The works in Aftermath are drawn from three of Eckel’s series:
Remnants of War, Scratched Surface, and Genetic Memory.

Eckel’s vision is inspired by her reactions to violence, transformation, societal narcissism,
and the fractiousness of the natural world. Through an exacting process, she transposes her
observations using the media of photography, printmaking, and drawing.
Beautiful and stark, many of the images communicate the paralysis and outrage that result
from the brutality inherent in our cyclical history. Her representations of evolution
challenge our traditional ideas of “progress” and how we develop as a species.

artist's website:
Kelly Eckel



Rita Bard and Ilse Bolle CONTINUED

^ click to see more images

artist's websites:
Rita Bard . Ilse Bolle

Linda Filhart and Maryellen Stewart GROUNDWORKS

GroundWorks images
^ click to see more images

GroundWorks, a show of recent work by artists Linda Fillhardt and Maryellen Stewart.

The show includes paintings, prints, mixed media, encaustic and sculpture, all referencing land forms and nature.
While Fillhardt works from drawings and photographs made from her travels, Stewart works primarily from memories
of experiences with the land. Both artists are inspired by the power and beauty of the natural world.

This show is a Pop Up event and runs from June 12 – 14.
Opening reception is
Friday, June 12, 2015, from 5 to 8 p.m.
the gallery will be open on Sat., June 13 from 1 to 5 p.m., and Sun. June 14 from 1 to 4 p.m.

artist's websites:
Linda Fillhardt . Maryellen Stewart



Rita Bard, Ilse Bolle and Chris Collins EMBEDDED STORIES

^ click to see more images

Friday Nov. 28, 2014 Ilse Bolle, Chris Collins and Rita Bard present “Embedded Stories”.
Literal, personal, moral and social narratives are implicit aspects of art.
Each artist in “Embedded Stories” presents work that expresses various facets of
implied narratives through their specific use of materials and emphasis.

Opening Reception: Nov. 28, 4-8pm, 2014, at Freeform, a small private salon-type exhibition space,
located at 1619 C de Baca Lane, Santa Fe, NM

artist's websites:
Rita Bard . Ilse Bolle . Chris Collins